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So, this lesson was a bit out on a limb, but it went really well. I think everyone found at least one part of the activity that they enjoyed! lol

What a great group of sleuths! With a small sample size, each group was able to identify many (if not all) corresponding mystery bags!

Solution: Swan=1, Lion=2, Tiger=3, Elephant=4, Koala=5, Beaver=6

We also tossed in a couple games of chance from and completed the following 2 worksheets:
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Sample games of chance from
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Students worked on completing web-based assignments from the probability unit.

All assignments are available in Word format by clicking on the Probability Unit tab.
Special thanks to Ms. Pettigrew from Fulton Insurance Agencies Ltd. ( who answered our call for help on insurance issues!

She was able to address the following outcomes for us:

 A12         Describe the costs if failing to operate a vehicle responsibly

A14         Explain the factors and costs involved in insuring a vehicle

Thanks for being such a great sport Ms. Pettigrew and braving the weather and dicey road conditions to be part of our class today!

Computer Assignments (Suggested Order):
1) Probability in Real Life? Does it Exist?
2) Probability and Internet Searches
3) The Odds of Winning Lotto 649
4) 20 Things More Likely to Happen to You Than Winning the Lotto
The cold and flu season has taken hold (and Credit Recovery) so we were down a few classmates today. However, we reviewed mental math strategies with doubles again today, and spent some relaxing time on practice problems.
It was great to be back in class today!

We worked on Mental Math the entire time!!! I had another activity planned, but everyone was so determined to finish their booklet work that I really didn't want to interrupt that! :)

I must say, as a whole, we have a great group of mental mathematicians. (I was impressed!) I observed great strategies while I was walking around the room!

We went through the powerpoint below (slides 0-12) together and then worked diligently out of our Mental Math Booklets completing sections for outcome B16.
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I was out of the classroom today, but I left a neat video for all to watch. Hopefully, it was a worthwhile use of time. Looking forward to reading the 3-2-1 Exit Cards!


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Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone for a job well done! Lots of assignments completed and completed well!

Probably the most inspiring part of my day though was to see everyone working so cooperatively. Thank you to the folks that helped their classmates email assignments or walked their classmates through the process of seting up an email account.

Also, wanted to say thanks to those who used their time so effectively. Nice to see students making such productive use of their time. "I'm finished Mrs. O'Leary. Can I work on something for another class?"

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Great job everyone trying to finish assignments from throughout the week!

We used the checklist above to keep ourselves on track.

I will give you an update tomorrow of complete/incomplete work so we can finish out the week without any loose ends!
Students explored the costs of owning and operating a vehicle today in Outcome B12 Assignment using the CAA 2012 Driving Costs publication.

Tires! MVI! Insurance! Oil Changes! Windshield washer fluid! License Plate Renewals! Kilometres Driven! Fuel! Maintenance! New wipers! Yikes!!!

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    I am a teaching vice principal at South Colchester Academy. I have the best job in the world! I have a wonderful group of grade 10 students with whom I very much enjoy spending some time! Thank you everyone!!! :) 


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